Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer? - 2

Dredd Blog was considered, by many in the MSM (main stream media) to be loony for thinking Iraq would be the number one oil producer in a short amount of time (even though entities like Lloyd's of London did a study which spawned the basis for that "idea").

Especially since we then went even further to post Iraq: World's Number One Oil Producer?, some felt we had gone over the top.

Can you imagine the MSM scorn toward a lowly blog like ours that dares to consider the possibility that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars had anything at all to do with oil?

I mean, Dredd Blog even did a series The Peak of The Oil Wars, culminating so far in The Peak of The Oil Wars - 3, explaining that we are in the middle of the wars to perpetuate the oil / war addiction until civilization as we know it is destroyed.

In the very near term, an utterly "new reality" may be emerging:
1) now that the Withdrawal of the Meaning of Combat has taken place;

2) the media of MOMCOM is not reporting the Iraq War any more;

3) except as something that is over and done with.
In this new emerging reality that is being invented out of whole cloth, stories about Iraq oil fields will come out as if they are normal business news unrelated to any notions of war.

For example, consider a couple of embryonic stories:
The revival in Iraqi oil production will be a "game-changer" for global oil supplies and a challenge for other big oil producers like Saudi Arabia, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday
(Wall Street Journal). Lets go on to consider the following as well:
Iraq's oil production is increasingly important to meet world energy demand, industry executives meeting in London said Tuesday ...
(Chicago Tribune). You can consider those articles to be talking about the important oil business of Iraq can't you?

Can you say "what Iraq war"?

The whole war episode may be played out after the fact as something that heroically saved the nation from a catastrophe caused by peak oil.

Especially "since all that pie in the sky lefty Al Gore green energy is a thousand years in the future".

The billboard sign of Bush II in Texas asking "Do you miss me yet" will take on a new meaning, and he may be seen as a hero who had the vision to save the nation.

Except to people who are not brain dead to the science, except to people who know that global warming and global climate change are caused by the use of the fossil fuels MOMCOM invaded Afghanistan and Iraq to steal and plunder.

That W "vision" now binds civilization to its own demise as addicts to war and oil consumption.

On the bottom line it deceives and enslaves us with State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD).

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  1. Mercenaries ("contractors") are doing the protection for the oil operations, mercenaries from the U.S.A. and other countries.

  2. According to the Commission on Wartime Contracting, there were ~240,000 contractors, 80% of which were "foreign nationals", as of June, 2009.

    More recently, one of the co-commissioners of the commission testified before congress, saying:

    The co-chairman of the federal Commission on Wartime Contracting warned members of a key House committee today that the State Department's future in Iraq faces risks of "organizational confusion, poor planning, the potential for contract overruns and waste, and an entirely new role for contractors on the battlefield."

    Commission Press Release (September 23, 2010).

    So, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is protecting the oil more so than Sec. of Defence Gates now?

  3. Time magazine lays out the way the U.S. military protected Iraqi oil industry hot spots during the invasion in 2003, but let priceless antiquities going back to ancient Babylon be pillaged and plundered from museums.

    They had a specific target from day one, and that target was Iraqi oil.