Thursday, July 22, 2010

Open Thread

Open Thread ...

Nigerian Oil Rig leak bigger than Deepwater Horizon - can't be stopped
Status on the Gulf oil disaster seems to be about the same as pointed out in this post
NSA is building another Big Brother which they call "Perfect Citizen" ... Big Brother is watching you ... Psy Op Mockingbird

Republican Congressman pleads guilty for felonious aiding of terrorist organization
Tar-balls washing up on Atlantic side of Florida
27,000 abandoned oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico could be leaking ... no one knows because no one checks them ... except maybe Sky Truth
Heat Wave Melts Snopocalypse

Turkey Threatens Break With Israel

Get to know your hood, the cosmos:

There are interesting principles governing our participation in the cosmos.

Middle East at crossroads of prosperity and instability - U.S. is a factor
Gulf Oil Gusher Official Website - Texas Tar-balls, new meaning for "Tarheels"

Say it again Sam: "The fact that the government chose to go after this case with the intensity it did, while a single person from BP has yet to be prosecuted shows how misguided the government is in its environmental policies.”

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