Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Election Conspiracy Theory Confirmed? - 3

Election integrity just took an interesting turn.

As long time readers know, we have been dabbling in the subject of "election integrity" in Dredd Blog posts a time or two in the past.

If you care to look into a brief history of "election integrity", you can check out some of those posts here, here, and here.

But the story today is that now a new era of "election integrity" is emerging in this nation.

For example, a Tennessee election official was found dead in the trunk of his car that was burning along side the road:
A Monroe County election official says the chairman of the local election commission has been found dead after his car was discovered burning.

James R. Brown, the election administrator for the county, said Monday that the body of Monroe County Election Commission Chairman Jim Miller was discovered by firefighters after they extinguished the blaze on Saturday night.
(Fox News). Stay tuned and we will keep you informed on the "who dunnit" series (e.g. "Did ACORN or The New Black Panthers do it?").

But be forewarned, we will also tie it in to MOMCOM and her complex, if you know what we mean.


  1. We have elections, we have integrity, what's the problem? Or, in a two party democracy where neither party trusts the other (and rightfully so!), and both are equally corrupt to the core, what's a voter to do?


    Step one is to refuse to vote for either and heap as much scorn as you can publicly manage as an individual citizen on a system that has obviously gone off the rails.

    Step two is currently being defined in living rooms across America. Those lucky few who subscribe to the corporate "America the Great" model of life are no doubt doubling down on their bets. Those who don't; not so much. We'll see who wins soon enough.

    I'm betting on the former for the short term (0-10 years); DEFINITELY the latter for the long. I think the US has a WHOLE LOT of suffering to do yet (and thus, the rest of the world with it) before it comes to grips with its real problems.

    But that's just me, and I'm very likely wrong.

  2. He was a Republican Party official, was well liked, and was said to have had no enemies.