Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mob Psychology of Congress & Media - 3

In the first episode we noted that the media, the congress, and the president had been stampeded by the criminal in the photo.

You know, the "pimp" who worked for a propaganda organ of a neoCon racist organization.

The organization headed up by Andrew Breitbart (mentor of Bart Simpson).

In that stampede the president, the congress, and the media stampeded when a phony video about ACORN was published by the so-called news organizations a la 13th Century Fox.

Yesterday they were stampeded again by Bart Simpson's mentor with another phony video distributed by 13th Century Fox News, which "caused" an admirable, exemplary, and honest African American woman to be fired by the federal government.

The undue process she was cursed with was based upon the phony video clip that had been edited down to about a minute from a long speech.

The woman's father had been killed by a white farmer long ago, so in her younger days she struggled with that terror.

In her speech before a gathering of the NAACP, she had reflected on a time some twenty years earlier in her life when she had an opportunity to help another white farmer (not the one who killed her father), who had a superior attitude towards blacks.

Even though she admitted that she had to struggle with whether or not to help the white farmer, she intimated that she had made the proper choice and had realized another human being, another American, was in need of help.

She helped.

So she triumphed over her grudge and to this day the white farmers she helped are still appreciative.

In her speech she was encouraging other Black Americans to do the same, informing them that a grudge is something we all can experience but must all struggle against.

The neoCon mentors of hatred clipped out all but a small portion of the video of her speech to make it phony, to make a lie out of it, and to make it look like she deliberately did not help the white farmer.

The media, the NAACP, and the administration all stampeded with the maddening crowd and demanded her resignation.

The criminals down at the Circle W had "won" another fear induced game of slander of the innocent.

Today it looks like the egg on the face of the media, the NAACP, and the Obama Administration is causing them embarrassment ... or something like that.

The media is feigning righteous indignation.

The NAACP says it was snookered.

The administration is thinking about re-hiring her.

The neoCons who have been rewarded by the congress, the presidency, and even by The Supremes, are reving up a movie studio and going into full production to release the fury of bile during this hurricane season, during this election season.

Hate videos, they are not just for the KKK any more in "America", because we have one of those "holy elections" coming up, one of those exports we gleefully "share" with the rest of the world who are "not yet up to our high standards".


  1. The Breitbart edited clip is 2 minutes and 36 seconds long. A minimum extract from the speech that does not mislead would be 4 minutes and 40 seconds. By leaving out the punch line of the anecdote that Sherrod was relating the Breitbart related editor made an anecdote about being prejudiced against white people but learning from the case of this white farmer that poor whites faced the same problems as poor blacks into that of a black woman gloating about her chance to inflict reverse racism on an uppity white.

    The extent of the distortion of meaning created by this omission can not be overstated.

    The full Sherrod speech is 43 minutes and 15 seconds long and the relevant section is 4 minutes and 40 seconds starting 16 minutes and 40 seconds from the beginning. Raw story has the full video as well as an interview with the white farmer supporting Sherrod at this link.

    It is not necessary to view the full 43 minutes, but if one does so one sees that one of the themes in the speech is the need for all poor people white and black to unite to advance their common interests. The more of the speech one watches the more dishonest the Breitbart editing appears.

  2. TheEvilOne,

    Thank you for making the case for what this post is about.

    That is, how little it takes to spook and stampede the U.S. government and U.S. officialdom in general.

    Shall we discuss how this effects their competence near The Mother of all Nuclear War Buttons?

    What could set them off such that they destroy civilization with the press of that button?