Friday, July 23, 2010

Stockholm Syndrome on Steroids?

The art of PR (public relations) and spin (propaganda) have a similar motive or purpose: to deceive the public so the public does not see a reality, but instead sees an illusion.

The statement defining "the golden rule" ("s/he who has the gold makes the rules") is a statement about government.

This blog uses "MOMCOM" as the essence of the entities that (in reality) govern the United States (in the sense of the self-image MOMCOM has of herself).

We typically show MOMCOM as a good looking female who is the surrogate mother of "the little people", because this is the self-image MOMCOM has of "herself", as revealed by MOMCOM's behavior.

The little people are the citizenry, who MOMCOM secretly sees as a needy little primate that is helpless without what MOMCOM provides (freedom, safety, security, commerce, etc.).

The full description contained in the acronym "MOMCOM" is Military Oil Media COMplex.

At first blush this seems incomplete to describe it all, but remember it is the depiction of the self-image real government behind the veil has of itself.

The military is first in the equation because the little people have been indoctrinated into the belief that the military is the most competent institution in America.

Guess who wants the little people to believe that?

A Gallup poll taken annually for quite a few years, shows that congress is in last place and the military is in first place.

Even the news media and big business fare better than congress does.

The oil industry is camouflaged inside many other industries and businesses such as pharmaceuticals and plastics, and in fact the nation is addicted to the "O" in MOMCOM.

You see plastic, automobiles, highways, movies, television, magazines, newspapers, and books everywhere.

Those are the things that you cannot have if you do not have MOMCOM.

MOMCOM has the gold, so MOMCOM makes the rules.

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  1. Wow, this sets the stage for a complete military take over.

    I mean, if the public sees the military as competent bunch of heroes, sees the presidency as weak, and sees the congress as overpaid clowns, then the stage is set for the military to "rescue" the people.