Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama Doubles Down On Propaganda

This was originally posted 6/7/10.

Yesterday ("Today" in the original post) Obama met with his closet (a.k.a. cabinet).

When he came out after the meeting he slipped into bloviation.

He actually indicated that the Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe would soon pass into history, even going on to say "we will make the gulf coast better than it ever was" (paraphrased).

Cheers must have emanated from every BP (big pollution) outpost on Earth.

Now, no place on Earth can "be all you can be" unless MomCom places her "holy oil" on it, then a joint force of BP and the federal government come in and make or leave it better than it ever was.

Expletives deleted.

This guy now suffers from what we all suffer from, the dementia of exceptionalism, refined to a whimper.

UPDATE (6/8/10): One of the transcripts puts it this way:
"And one of the things that I want to make sure we understand is that not only are we going to control the damages to the Gulf Coast, but we want to actually use this as an opportunity to reexamine and work with states and local communities to restore the coast in ways that actually enhance the livelihoods and the quality of life for people in that area."
(WH Partial Transcript, emphasis added). The meaning of this rhetoric was stated in the post originally (yesterday).

This rhetoric indicates two things: the oil spill will be contained, and everything is going to be made better ("enhanced") in the wake of this catastrophe.

The fact is that the oil will not be contained and things will get worse even after they say the reaction to the catastrophe is complete ("cleaned up").

The reality, all bloviating, blind faith, and exceptionalism aside, is that the Gulf of Mexico is orders of magnitudes worse off than it ever has been, and it will not recover fully ever.

Neither will the social make up recover. It hasn't even recovered from Katrina yet, many bodies are still missing, homes are still destroyed, lawsuits against insurance companies and oil companies continue still, and will do so for even more years.

The coast region and the underwater world of hurt they want to hide from us will become different, but never whole, never enhanced, never better than it was, and never cleaned up.

Until the warlords of the Earth, including Obama, learn that fundamental lesson of history, civilization will continue to move onward toward demise.

The plume truth is that the underwater plume oil will fuse with the garbage gyres to paint them with toxins that will be ingested to the demise of that ecosystem.


  1. Those are not the quotes I read him as saying. What I read showed he understands the results of this tragedy are going to last a long time. Where did you get your information from?

  2. Typical political tripe coming from a guy who is being exposed daily as just another slick politician from the "Slick Willy" school. As if every problem is just something to throw money at to make it go away. The effects of this spill will linger long after the headlines, the government money, and even more disasters just like it have faded.

  3. It seems that exceptionalism works like blind faith in these situations.

    Obama's grand mistake was to trust BP (big petroleum) when it said the technology had improved over time and the arguments to the contrary were "tired old arguments" without a basis in fact.

    He said just that and he believed just that.

    He bit on the BP lure and now he is caught in the world of fossil fuel addiction, propaganda, and deception.

    Reverting to exceptionalism, which is an intoxicant, his rhetoric became more toxic in the sense it keeps him in denial about his very, very grave mistake, his colossal error by failing to listen to environmentalists, embracing instead his blind faith in Oilah Akbar.

    Sad and tragic for all of us.

  4. It seems arrogant for a BP (big politician) to tell the residents when they are better off and when they are not.

    The people know.

  5. Fact is, Obama will be long gone from office before this problem is effectively over, which is why residents should rightly be sceptical of his claims. They know, like all victims of long term disasters know (like say, residents of Prince William Sound, AK), that they'll still be coping with the effects of this thing long after the government has moved on to other concerns.

  6. I guess we're on our way to a methane atmosphere and the eventual end will be a world like Titan. Terra will recover, just not with us.

    But then there's always this that MOMCOM can take solace in:

    Microbes That 'Eat' Natural Gas

    Or perhaps we can develop a new fungus for the job.

  7. MissVolare,

    The by product of the very, very slow microbial ingestion is hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

    It is not a viable application even in a disaster situation, and certainly is not in the big league where Prevention plays ball.

    The drilling for fossil fuel in a theoretical (fanciful) perfectly safe place for drilling on land still ends up causing global warming and the demise of civilization.

    Time to demand that the tired arguments of MOMCOM (which are actually derived from religious doctrines) stop being used as government propaganda.