Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us? - 2

In the first post of this series "Is A New Age Of Pressure Upon Us?" we breached (a.k.a. broached) the subject of triggers of changing pressures in the earth's crust.

Specifically, we hypothesized that changing pressures in oil and gas reservoirs under the ocean surface could be caused (a.k.a triggered) by the effects of global warming.

The hypothesis is based on both well known science and less well known science.

The gist of this hypothesis is that all offshore drilling engineering is based upon a reality that is passing away because a new reality is approaching.

The formulas show how we can at once see a change coming as ocean levels change, as ice sheet thickness changes, and as the resultant torque (easing pressure on crust as ice melts; increasing pressure on seabed as ocean rises) works upon the thin crust of the earth.

The first effect of this new reality of pressures caused by melting ice sheets and ice caps and the resultant rise of ocean levels is already here, although in a degree we are not yet certain of.

It is obvious that p=pgh is at once impacted when "h" (e.g. ocean level) or p change, (since g is effectively constant).

The complication no engineers have calculated is the combined effect of both the torque and the pressures when both are concurrently changing.

In support of the hypothesis, a cool blog called Sky Truth has discovered what looks like two more leaking oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, not too far from the ill fated Deepwater Horizon graveyard of 11 souls human, a multitude of souls Earth flora, a multitude of souls Earth fauna, and a multitude of souls Earth marine.

Two posts at Sky Truth indicate suspicious oil at location one, and ditto at location two.

A new post shows that scientists knew of the unstable seabed as early as a decade ago. Also read this.

The next post in this series is here, the previous post in this series is here.


  1. The "blowout preventer" that did not prevent a blowout at Deepwater may have been outdone with over-tolerance pressures.

    Pressure is the only game in town in a blowout (excessive pressure) scenario, so pressure has to be related somehow.

    The damage done to the blowout preventer and riser pipe when the rig went down is not the primary focus.

    The primary focus is what happened (pressure wise, that the blowout preventer could not handle) to take the rig down in the first place.

  2. Sure wish I knew more about fluid mechanics. Maybe it triggers toroid vortexes and further destabilizes the crust through magnetic flux and then it's 2012 baby! Oceans full of blood...I'm really furious that I have to listen to all the damn Armageddonists.

  3. MissVolare,

    The liquids in your head are subject to pressures. When they exceed your blowout preventer's tolerance you blow up in somebody's face.

    See how mechanical you really are? ;)

    Seriously, all there is to know is that they are using the same tired old technology they were using in 1979 that didn't work.

    They are causing global warming while denying it and paying wackos to spread the denial.

    Meanwhile the Earth is changing, so their assumptions they were taught in Oilah Akbar college are obsolete.

    They are obsolete, they are in denial, and they are punishing the rest of us for their ignorance.

    It isn't about "damn Armageddonists" it is about scientists who can see beyond their noses.

  4. It isn't about "damn Armageddonists" it is about scientists who can['t] see beyond their noses.

    It appears that the scientists working for big oil have been corrupted in the same way that economists (admittedly, economics is not even considered a real science by true academics, an attitude I'm inclined to agree with) have been bought off by whoever is footing their bills. Economists are notorious for academically justifying any hairbrained theory or proposition that comes down the pike. It appears that the culture of greed and influence has infiltrated the hard sciences as well. Not surprising really. How's the saying go? Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Welcome to the Brave New World!

  5. There are scientists who can see beyond their noses, global warming scientists for example, who are not "Armageddonists", they are simply saying civilization will destroy itself if it continues to damage the environment.

    It is a scientific consensus.

    "Armageddonists" are religionists who believe in a war between Jesus and the Devil to take place at "har meghiddo" (armageddon) and Jerusalem.

    It is a religions consensus.

    Conflating the two ends up producing more cacophony.

  6. Americans overwhelmingly believe in global warming, so it would seem that they would favor much, much stronger scientific application to existing oil rig technology.

    Like much thicker casings and higher pressure capable designs of all conduits, valves, and systems associated with oil drilling.

    No doubt the ban on offshore leases is also favored, as well as a radical green revolution.

  7. The trouble I have with these polls is that they ask people to respond to general questions (Do you believe in GW? Do you favor legislation?), but then when it comes to specifics (energy taxes, onerous legislation that causes energy prices to increase) they balk. The current bunch is Louisiana is a good example. They're raising hell about BP paying them off for the environmental damage, even as they urge Obama not to restrict offshore drilling any further for the economic disruption it will cause. They literally want to have it both ways. That mentality's simply not gonna work going forward.

  8. Scientists keep being silenced by the corporate fascist delusion machine, so the inhabitants of our Rapa Nui continue to sleepdrive off a cliff. I completely concur with you Dredd on many issues, it seems my sarcasm gets lost in the translation; the controlling cabal of MOMCOM co-opt so many avenues of info that the chances of developing the technology we need to recover from the post-critical phase are close to nil. Anyway, I like Barzun's theory that homo "sapiens" reached the pinnacle of achievement in 1899 or so.

    And "conflating the two ends" also results in things like Don Rumsfeld and our religionist judiciary , doesn't it? (i'm bad at emoticons)

  9. MissVolare,

    "conflating the two ends" ...

    Ah yes, the internal struggle between our poet within and our journalist within.

    Has Rapa Nui released a new album yet? I like new rap ... ;)

  10. There seems to be pressure mysteries at other sites in the gulf.

    Here is an article by an expert in the field which shows things are strange at the Thunder Horse BP site.

  11. Randy,

    Interesting link. One of the oil field experts there makes this statement:

    "Gail iS right I am at work but on my ranch, which I bought because peak oil was coming. I wrote some web pages back in the late 90's and published in a magazine in 2000. Thus I have worried about this since then. I am turning my ranch into a food factory - fish on the lakes a big garden and right now a 60tree fruit orchad-soon to get biggerThese notes are sent from my iPhone" (Link, emphasis added) ...