Sunday, June 6, 2010

From State Secrets To State Propaganda

We are not getting the plume truth from this administration or from the oil barons.


Readers of Dredd Blog know we foresaw the likelihood of the disaster three weeks before it happened.

Dredd Blog also foresaw the clean up propaganda, as well as the plume, size, and other propaganda escapades, that were to come from a government partnering with BP to try to deceive the public about the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

The plume truth has now come home to haunt and expose government secrecy and propaganda, showing that it has metastasised from valid government secrets out into the open public debate as a form of state propaganda designed to deceive the public:
It was in mid-May that independent scientists — not any of the officials or researchers working for any of the government agencies on scene at the Deepwater Horizon disaster, let alone BP — first detected the vast underwater plumes of crude oil spreading like Medusa's locks from the out-of-control gusher in the Gulf of Mexico. BP immediately dismissed the reports, and in late May CEO Tony Hayward flatly declared "there aren't any plumes," stopping just short of accusing the scientists of misconduct. Federal officials called the scientists' claim "misleading, premature and, in some cases, inaccurate." Moreover, continued a statement from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, any oxygen depletion in the surrounding waters due to plumes is not "a source of concern at this time," and critics blaming dispersants for the plumes had "no information" to stand on. NOAA administrator Jane Lubchenco, a respected oceanographer when President Obama tapped her to lead the agency, insists there are no plumes, only "anomalies"—though last week she acknowledged the possibility of oil beneath the surface.

Now it is increasingly clear that the initial reports of undersea oil were right, that life-giving oxygen in the water column is indeed being depleted, and that unless the laws of chemistry have been repealed, dispersants are likely worsening the tentacles of undersea crude.
(Newsweek, emphasis added). It is a terribly horrid state of affairs at best, flagrantly criminal at worst, when the government partners with the oil barons to deceive the public.

The conflict of interest is at once obvious when we remember that shortly before the cataclysm Obama made public statements in favor of offshore drilling, and at the same time he instigated policies in that direction.

He even made disparaging remarks about "tired old arguments" of environmentalists who were concerned about the national ecosystems that were endangered by offshore drilling.

Now the plume truth coming out even indicates that the plume truth was to be expected.

Scientists are pointing out that the deadly toxic islands under the ocean surface are not an anomaly after all:
"The dispersants are changing the chemistry and physics of the oil," says biological oceanographer Ajit Subramaniam of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. "They are creating microlayers of oil that are being carried by the deep currents." Even without dispersants, the crude gets broken into zillions of droplets suspended in the water column and corralled there, prevented from rising to the surface. The result is the undersea plumes that oceanographer Samantha Joye of the University of Georgia and colleagues first detected from the research vessel Pelican three weeks after the blowout. Despite years of research showing that undersea oil might form such plumes, BP's Hayward insists it cannot. "Oil floats!" he repeatedly says.
(Newsweek). The selfish conflict of interest cannot be denied, so the new oil spill commission must be independent and must have access to all data available to find out what BP knew and when they knew it; and certainly the same goes for the administration.

In closing, it appears once again that the "W" compass is a toxic oily albatross around the neck of the Obama Administration.

The Plame Truth was covered up by the "W" bushies, and now The Plume Truth is covered up by the lingering "W" personality of the Obama Administration.

The Newsweek article, linked to above, contains a blockbuster of a false statement:
There have been no suggestions that BP intended to keep the worst of the spill out of sight.
(Newsweek). Dredd Blog has not only suggested it, we have come out and stated it in no uncertain terms.

In two posts, Most Deceitful Month On Record?, and The Most Poisonous Months On Record?, we say exactly that in no uncertain terms!


  1. Another "independent" commission commissioned by the government will be no more effective than the Warren, the 9-11, or the Iraq Commissions, mainly because they're never truly "independent" and thus operate with one hand tied behind their back. No, rather than be subjected to yet another white wash of history at tax payer expense, this one will have to be tried in the private sector in the court of public opinion, where the real truth will come out in short order, at least for those who care enough to listen. Most Americans are in a permanent vegitative state, so they'll go along with anything.

    At this point, the state itself is damn near illegitimate, so I'm beginning to view all these fabrications as the desperate moves to maintain control that they are, and as just more nails in the coffin of the edifice we'll be burying soon in favor of whatever's gonna be next.

  2. Another "independent" commission commissioned by the government will be no more effective than the Warren, the 9-11, or the Iraq Commissions ...

    They deserve a chance to prove themselves, and if they do a good job they should be stroked, but if not they should be rebuked.

  3. I can't believe that Newsweek said there were no suggestions that BP would try to hide or cover up on the size of the spill.

    Doesn't Newsweek get the fact that that is who BP is?