Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Obama Doctrine

Many libertarians and liberals fell out of their chairs laughing when Sarah Palin had no clue what "The Bush Doctrine" was when asked about that on national TV.

Many people laughing then do not know what The Obama Doctrine is now.

The Obama doctrine is wholesale, full on, and no holds barred unleashing of MOMCOM lust upon the environment.

This doctrine which will lead to wholesale, full on, and no holds barred destruction of the environment.

What is telling is that this is not what he wanted, not what democrats wanted, and not what the American people want, thus, we can conclude that our government is impotent, ineffective, and when they do something it is for MOMCOM's benefit instead of for the people's benefit.

Two things he has done already, through his proxy Secretary Salazar, are Opening The Great Tongas For Logging and then deliberately Opening The Great Oceans To Drill Baby Drill.

The economic portion of The Obama Doctrine is larger deficits, to the point that debt will take over GDP in the year of his re-election, 2012, as we pointed out recently in Gates Big Bucks The System.

His policies so far are to continue those things the neoCons were doing under Bush II that led to the destruction of the economy and the environment.

It is as if he thinks as long as democrats are doing the wrong thing it will come out ok anyway.

How democratic is The Obama Doctrine?


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  2. The economic policy of the Obama Administration to continue Bush II policy is severely criticized by some watchdogs.