Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Obama Doctrine - 2

The first of this series The Obama Doctrine, was posted on 6/6/10.

It takes a close reading of Dredd Blog to realize we do not criticize the Obama Administration for its handling of the Gulf Oil Spill (the BP disaster, the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe).

Dredd Blog specifically said that once such disasters happen, those with the ungodly task of "cleaning up" will always be doing all they can do.

The point which we go on to make is that all they can do is very close to nothing, and in fact Dredd Blog pointed out quite clearly:
"BP isn't doing all that can be done, neither is the federal government" is the new [Redneck] mantra replacing "drill baby drill".

Yes they [BP & Feds] are doing everything they can do, it is just that a perfect response to this type of disaster can only mitigate 2% of the ecological damage at best.
(You Rejected Your Only Savior For Oilah). Dredd Blog's entire criticism is for Obama's statements in public, as well as his policy statements backing those statements up, that are contemptuous of environmental science in particular, and disrespectful of environmentalists in general.

His ignorance of Oilah Akbar technology was his justification for his policy and his beyond dumb statements about how good Oilah Akbar technology is.

All his "W" policies are equally dumb.

Those neoCon doctrines that have ruined our economy, our reputation, and our environment are not followed and embraced by enlightened people.

Obama has made his administration dangerous to peace and to long life for civilization.


  1. The Obama Doctrine must go.

    I noticed that 74 Democrats have openly advocated internet policing.

    "74 Democrats signed a joint letter to the FCC supporting internet throttling by Verizon, ATT and Comcast. Throttling lets carriers slow or block internet traffic."

    This is a clear attack on net neutrality, and will probably become part of The Obama Doctrine too, the way things are going for the dubya.

    Net Neutrality Endangered

  2. It all makes you wonder doesn't it? Maybe the Democrats all collectively realized they had to become Republicans in deed in order to get elected? That would probably explain why the GOP is so crazy these days - the Dems have stolen their party! Meanwhile the GOP has moved so far right that even their former supporters don't recognize them and are abandoning in droves. Things are definitely strange politically these days.

    Regardless, I think the Gulf spill will be Obama's Iran hostage crisis, exposing him rightly or wrongly as an impotent tool for the oil industry and corporate America in general. The more I see of Obama the more I think he was a hand-picked stooge, selected for office for his ability to shut up and not get in the way of big business/military. A lot of people already think that of the Shrub, so I don't think it's a stretch to apply it to Obama. MOMCOM simply has too much invested in their world view to allow a single elected politician to get in the way. It's the smart move.

  3. "It's the smart move"

    "Smart" like destroying a village in order to save it.

    Lets not confuse cunning deceit in a game with genius or smart in real cosmic-adult life.

    Lets just say the bad guys are winning in this civilization (which is a video game with underlying ponzi scheme logic) but the bad guys are anything but smart.

    If the next civilization is smart they will be nothing like the current death wish driven civilization.

  4. What is the nature of the Internet policing? I agree with the policing for the purpose of protecting minors and stopping pedophiles.

  5. Anonymous,

    "Internet policing" is a canard, false choice, and red herring, to this discussion.

    The issue I mentioned has to do with government deciding who can have a website and who cannot, what they can put on it and what they cannot, based not on any criminal element, but based on suppression of legal subject matter.

    Illegal hate speech and any other crimes are not free speech, and are therefore not part of this discussion.

    Read the link to net neutrality and you will get it.