Saturday, March 6, 2010

SCADs Of Inkblot Denial

The inkblot test generally results in different interpretations of the same picture.

Likewise, it is quite common and ordinary for several judges or religionists to interpret the exact same text differently.

It has always been clear that we interpret things according to our own experience, our own culture, our own world view, our own weaknesses, and our own bias.

The American Behavioral Scientist Journal is doing a volume, which deals with what I consider to be a disease, State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD), and subject matter relating to that theme:
The ellipses of due diligence riddling the official account of the 9/11 incidents continue being ignored by scholars of policy and public administration. This article introduces intellectual context for examining the policy heuristic "State Crimes Against Democracy" (SCAD) (deHaven-Smith, 2006) and its usefulness for better understanding patterns of state criminality of which no extant policy analytic model gives adequate account.This article then introduces papers included in this symposium examining the chimerical presence and perfidious legacy of state criminality against democracy.
(American Behavioral Scientist). The fact that "no extant policy analytic model gives adequate account" means that we do not know how to deal with the relevant inkblot scenario when the government commits criminally insane or lesser wrongs against the interests of democracy.

The Toxins of Power Blog has been musing over this subject for awhile, so it is good to see the load shared with experts in that field.

We have long maintained that the MSM has dementia when it comes to "the official account of the 9/11 incidents".

As long as the symptoms & problems "continue being ignored by scholars of policy and public administration" we will have no healing.

The American Behavioral Scientist Journal now gives hope that we can take a look at this denial as a form of social dementia, hoping that some treatment will be coming along to help others out of their state of denial.


  1. It is the post with few or no comments that SHOUTS out the truth more often than not.

  2. I wonder if therapies used to treat individuals with this form of dementia could also be used to treat social dementia.

    It's a form of denial/repression reinforced by by peer pressure. It seems like one way of breaking this pathological behavior pattern is to show that's it's OK to publicly question the Dick-Cheney version of what happened on 9/11.

    Two of the most damming pieces of evidence are the detection of military-grade thermate used for demolition in the debris, and the eyewitness account of how Cheney had the US air defenses stand down as the planes approached.

    If these facts can be communicated to the masses, it will wake a lot of people up.

    (BTW that illustration is filthy! Children might see this site! ;)

  3. Alan8,

    It might be like a situation where a juror who is paranoid about a certain case and is afraid to hear the evidence, therefore asks to be excused.

    But they need that juror, so they apply the therapy.

    Then the juror becomes able to hear the evidence and the case can move forward.

    How the juror will decide the case is another matter.


    Yea, that photo of that inkblot is unpatriotic ;)