Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ecocide - A Vibe Of The Elite

Putin, Ahmadinejad, and even the Pope are elitists in the sense that their ecological policies are harbingers of ecocide.

They belong to a meme complex that has engendered and promulgated the ecocide meme.

These three elitists are not to be confused with the environmental movement, ecologists, who trumpet the message about the slow train Ecocide that is approaching.

No, these elitists like Putin, Ahmadinejad, and the Pope actually do not really think that the notion of ecocide matters, because their world view excludes ecocide from their cognition.

In other words, ecocide does not compute with them.

The link above shows that Putin is allowing the pollution of the largest freshwater lake on earth, where 20% of the fresh and clean surface water is stored.

Not to mention that he exports more oil than any one Arab sheik oil baron.

Ahmadinejad is an oil baron who is infatuated with a mistress known as nuclear power, the dirtiest and longest lasting poison known to exist.

The Pope, whose notion of infallibility helped inspire the notion of toxins of power, is so infallible in his own mind and doctrine that whatever he says or does, including apathy toward ecocide, will all be washed away into meaninglessness when he is raptured or wafted to the heavenly realm.

The common meme to all of them is that the earth really does not matter in the greater sense.

Comprehending the reality of the notion of ecocide is not important to them, what is most important to them is them.

It is utterly clear that this planet is plagued with toxins that pervert the minds of those who are exposed to power, and that specific toxin for whatever reason, seems to be engineered to bring ecocide upon us.

One shudders to contemplate whether these toxins are local to the earth, or whether they are cosmic in scope.

Resist the toxins!


  1. Do you believe there is more than one mind? I am not sure that Putin, Amadinejad, and the Pope tie together as a power elite. I do know that Iran has recently realigned, as has Egypt, and is looking east. This is due to tissue response like reaction to the Western Oriented economic rape of the Mid East. That toxin is composed of Israel, US, UK and Saudi Arabia, and they are currently bribing India with Nukes. Iran is bust truing to find friends not afraid of being punished if they violate the sanctions, Putin is still dealing with the aftermath of the invasion by Georgia, run by CIA and Massad trained agents, and the Pope is dealing with Bishops that for whatever reason cannot control their pedophiles. I may be dense, but I cannot see any group think here. As for cosmic groups, perhaps you have the Falun Goons in mind?

  2. Kathy,

    Does it matter if the earth is destroyed by a tied together power elite or untied together power elite?

    Elite in this context means "above" the earth, not bound to its tenets, thinking they are able to destroy the earth with no consequences.

    That is their mindset, whether one even knows the other exists or not.

    Elitism even exists in bars with drunks who can't find their asses with both hands.

    One does not need power to be an elitist, however, one must be in power to be intoxicated by its toxins.

    These three qualify hands down.

  3. I would agree with you that Putin is riding a wave of power. Medved, sp? has been a huge deflated balloon. But the Pope is powerles to reign in pedophilia gone wild, a world wide epidemic, and germany is the next stop, not to mention today's revalations. Is is powerless at the moment to end this scandal, and cannot even critize China's imprisonment of Catholic Bishops, for exactly that reason.

    As for Amadinejad, he may be in power, but he is hardly elite. A true maverick, unlike McCain, he is on my top 10 list of living interesting world leaders. Putin, Zhang and Wen are also on this list. Endogin, Turkey also makes the list. I'll put Scott brown there, if only because he has shaken Congress to the core. An earthquake couldn't have shaken things up more.

  4. Kathy,

    There is a BBC documentary that says the Pope helped cover up the paedophilia scandal.

    He has the power of influence over catholics and can get some things done if he chooses to.

    He is not infallible or powerless.

    Amadinejad is an oil official, nuclear official, and does not have a competent understanding of ecology.