Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Is The Olympiad of Peace Medal?

An Olympiad
is a period of four years between games.

Games where nations compete in a peaceful, fair manner.

The youth of the United States are quite good at it, breaking the record for medals won.

They also tend to be peaceniks, and are not so happy with the influence the warmongers have over the Obama administration.

The U.S. has removed peace from every Olympiad so far in the 21st Century.

There has been no peace, instead there has been escalating war budgets, escalating job loss, escalating home loss, escalating financial crisis, and escalating bloviation about economy and climate change.

This century started out with the old status quo folks sending armies around the globe to engage in the business of "bringing peace and democracy" to heathen nations, killing, maiming, and displacing millions.

Enriching the 1% MOMCOM warmongers in the U.S. and abroad, while damaging the optimism of youth and its respect for governance.

The winter Olympic Games give youth a momentary respite from the old warmonger reality, but now we go back into the next war filled Olympiad until the games in 2014 in Russia.

We are into the second year of the summer Olympic Games Olympiad, with two more war filled years remaining until the summer games of 2012 in London.

War, it is what makes fools proud these daze.


  1. Sorry, but I really view the Olypics as largely just another propaganda tool as well. This was blatantly obvious when the USSR was still around. Now its just the US exercising complete dominance, with every games being merely the opportunity for some new young hot shot to set a medal record. They're all semi-professional anyway, so why don't they just compete in international competitions and leave the nationalities out of it. Better to categorize them according to the amount of corporate money their making IMO, and surprise surprise! Almost all of the top class would just coincidentally come from the US. Imagine that!

  2. Anyone who witnessed the Free Tibet movement attack the paralized Chinese woman in the wheelchair as she proudly carried the Torch and did nothing to protest that agression, and the use of the Olympic Games as a platform for their politics should be ashamed. The so called progressives and Limosine liberals who helped plan the protests and who defended the violence that spread from city to city should also be ashamed, but IO fear they "have no face." More recently this same group of confused do-gooders was shocked and defensive when they were challended not to hurl the "R" word around.

    It is high time to get off one's high horse and mingle with members of the world's real people. China's Peasant Olympics

  3. Kathy,

    The term "Limosine liberal" was started by Richard Nixon's campaign and is propaganda like "the liberal press".

  4. In retrospect, you REALLY do have to hand it to old "Tricky Dick." That was TRULY one demented cocksucker! No surprise that his boy - Dick Cheney - should have turned out the way he did. He was literally worshipping at the feet of the dark master during his formative years.

  5. Indeed, wikipedia describes Limousine Liberal as a perjurative term, but Mirriem Webster defines Limousine Liberal as a "wealthy political liberal." Nixon and his crew are long gone, but both Reagan and Clinton diciples continue to hover over our media. In general, you will discover that I use plain English, and agreed upon terms, all the better to communicate with those who may, or may not agree with my opinions. That being said, attacking the dress of the messenger is one way of avoiding the message.

    You will notice that I never use the term, Liberal Press, as it does not exist, except, as you state, in the minds of those engaged in a disinformation campaign.

    Instead, I use the term MSM. At least two of my blogs are devoted to conter-MSM disinformation.

    Limousine Liberals is a term, for discreet use, to describe a collection of beliefs and behaviors, of an esily identified group, self identified, I might add, that demonstrates hypocracy. Perhaps "wealthy phony balony selfish self absorbed politcally connected who imagine they are superior to others because they hole truely liberal ideas," would be less offensive, or perjurative? Or, in the descrete case that I used it, those who support the Special Olympics AND remain silent when a disabled athlete holding the Olympic torch is attacked by the Dalai lama's shadow free Tibet Movement. Yes, indeedy, those are Limousine Liberals.

  6. K. Podgers,

    It was brain dead for Nixon's campaign people to associate a limousine with a political ideology, the same as it is to associate such ideas with a truck.

    Liberals and conservatives both use trucks and limos.

    Bush II drove around in both a limo and a truck, depending on where he was at the time.

    Loose thinking is the origin of many a loose idea, and the Nixonians nixed a lot of common sense.

    The nixoCons morphed into today's neoCons but are still stupid in some ways, cunning in other ways.

  7. Politically correct speech is not the same, or is it, as crying fire, using the "N" word, or now, today, the "R" word. It seems to me that those words and phrases that are dangerous, and could cause harm, deserve to be eliminated.

    Catchy phrases that may "offend," but are harmless should be seen for what they are. Some have more of a kick than others.

    You are absolutly correct when you bring up associations. In Mass, Coakley partly lost the election by aproving an ad making fun of Scott Brown's use of a pick-up truck. What that Limousine Liberal, Coakley, did not realize is how many registered Democrat working class union workers also use pick-up trucks, and those working class "liberals" went out and voted for Brown.

    There are many terms that have changed meaning and use over the years. While Nixon, who BTW ended the Viet Nam war and recognized the PRC, may have used the term Limousine Liberals, it in no way detracts from the abtness of this term. Neither Party has dibs on offending and claiming offense, and as I am unenrolled, never having been a member of either party, I say a pox on both their houses.