Thursday, March 4, 2010

MOMCOM & The Boomer Movement

Some baby boomers call him Brokejaw, and he does not seem to like the boomers.

After all, they made the peace sign, Bob Dylan, the environment, and ecology famous.

The baby boomers number only 79 million strong, but Brokejaw thinks that is significant in the grand scheme of things.

He bloviated this morning on Morning Joe (MSNBC) about the "boomer generation", revealing his blindness brought about by his nationalistic myopia.

He is part of the MSM crowd who lost their global conscience somewhere along the way, and replaced it with "exceptionalism" like Hitler did when he, in his own demented mind, elevated the mother land uber alles.

Exceptionalism is a social dementia, spread primarily by the Brokejaws of the world.

That dementia, in today's world free of accountability at the elitist level, driven by the false notion and toxin of old ("the king can do no wrong"), leads him to make a grandiose presentation in a special tonight, and in his book from then on.

It is hooey, like other birth pangs MOMCOM is having lately.

Other nations had children during 1946 to 1964 too, in fact, way, way more than the U.S. had; yes, way more than 79 million.

Nationalistic elitism has put out our collective "eyes", and blinded MOMCOM to the foolishness she has mired us in for way too long.

MOMCOM did have her bigga badda booms, indeed, she is the mother in chief of all that after all.


  1. I wonder if old Brokejaw will explore the fact that the Boomers' lasting legacy will be greed, decadence, debt, and decline? I'm guessing not. Totally ironic that one of the worst things you could call someone in the '60s was a "sellout," and now that's the single best one word description for the Boomer generation as a whole out there.

  2. disaffected,

    This post was intended to expose oversimplification of the MSM propaganda.

    It is a classic generalization (mistake) to characterize any single generation as being composed of any one thing.

    Especially when the entire generation is composed of children worldwide, but mistakenly framed in the myopic notions of only one nation's generation, done with an exceptionalist attitude.

    The children of MOMCOM ... the children of the earth ... the children of the cosmos ... or probably better still ... the children of the children.

    I think each individual in that generation will be subject to shame to the degree they were subject to "glory" by MOMCOM.

    Personally, I was sent to the dungeon because I refused the "glory".

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