Sunday, March 7, 2010

Open Thread

Lots of subjects to talk about.

You have the floor if you want it.


  1. Looks like John Bedell was a lone wolf with a history of mental problems, whose parents even realized was a little loopy. The most striking thing I saw in the various internet commentaries was outrage that officials weren't officially labeling the attack as another terrorist incident. Seems the sheeple, and in this case it seemed especially noticeable among the liberal left, have really become fond of the idea of labeling all things negative as "terror" related.

    Although that tenedency at first seems to be just a matter of semantics, in the end, that kind of thinking is what allows over reaching legislation like the Patriot Act to exist and perpetual foreign wars fought on the questionable rationale that they're making us "safer" to persist. I'm just surprised to learn that the liberal end of the spectrum is really so close to the right when it comes to this basic question. I'm sure veteran GOP political operatives have duly taken note.

    For instance, isolated instances like this could easily be employed during election cycles to influence election outcomes with very little overall risk. Find a nut whose already leaning in the direction of violence, fund him and facilitate him, then give law enforcement just enough of a heads-up to minimize the ensuing damage, while still allowing for some newsworthy carnage. The attack itself would be enough to stoke the fires of doubt surrounding any incumbent who had ever been labeled as soft on terror.

  2. disaffected,

    In other words he had submitted a request to Pentagonia, capitol of Bullshitistan, for a contract on a particular item.

    They saw an opportunity after reading everything he had done in his entire life, his unstable condition, etc., and ...

    They saw an opportunity to offset the inroads of Truthers, then called and said come on over but do not tell anyone.

    Do this that and the other, we will meet you at point x.

    Then they shot him and you know the rest?

  3. Yep, you got it. The Truther connection was indeed played up to great effect here. Hmm...

  4. Evidently the guy had a proposal with the Pentagon to help design smart weapons:

    "Curiously, Bedell also proposed in 2004 that the Pentagon fund his own research on smart weapons. The 28-page proposal outlined his idea for DNA nanotechnology research that might "provide significant new capabilities for the Department of Defense and the individual warfighter."

    That document is the first tangible link to surface connecting Bedell and the Pentagon.


    The 6-foot tall software devotee approached the Pentagon entrance Thursday evening wearing a jacket, dress shirt and pants, seeming like any other end-of-the-day commuter

    (MSNBC report). Doesn't sound like he was dressed to do anything but business, such as perhaps talking about his pending proposal with them.

    The connections with the murder at IRS (plane into building) a week or so ago are interesting.

    Both were alleged, by the media, to have been 9/11 Truthers based upon one or two emails they were alleged to have sent.

    Why is that important enough to be mentioned nationally, when they never mention the many outstanding citizens who are for real 9/11 Truthers?