Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What Is Really Crazy Is ...

When fear became the snake oil of MOMCOM, used in her revitalization campaign, she felt a surge of power like a heroin junkie evidently feels when the junkie "shoots up" (injects the narcotic).

The sale of fear, like selling toothpaste, is a mammoth campaign intended to deceive the public.

It worked to bring a surge of cash flow to MOMCOM by taking it away from the middle class and poor.

MOMCOM does it, not the old fashioned way of taxation, but with phoney finanical mechanisms of Wall Street, the federal and state banking systems, and control of the value and source of money.

That is why MOMCOM is always putting up a front, a disguise, always preaching "lower taxes", because fair taxation is how the more honest politicians think of raising money to pay for government debt.

That is how MOMCOM neutralizes the would-be honest politicians.

MOMCOM knows where the real money is, however, and MOMCOM's Dr. Jekyll can and does Hyde your money in so many ways.

Where did the value of your home go? Into a MOMCOM base somewhere in a foreign nation, where the kids of MOMCOM have learned the deceit game quite well.

Where did the value of your 401k, job, health care, and other financial assets go? Same place.

Another "bonus" to MOMCOM is that people only have the capacity for a certain quantity of fear.

MOMCOM has sent her kids to school to learn how to take care of her family.

Her kids have been taught the reality that once the public's capacity for fear is reached, things that should cause fear so as to then inspire a fix for the problem which is the source of the fear, is gone.

As a result of imposing phoney fear, the healthy fear which is good for individuals and society no longer has a place.

But the real dangers, reality if you will, remains:
Did you know that the Department of Homeland Security has identified over 6,000 “high-risk” chemical plants in the United States? An accident or attack at just 300 of them would put 110 million Americans at risk. That’s not only crazy, but also down right terrifying.

The risk of greatest concern is a massive poison gas release by accident or terrorism that could far surpass the casualties of 9/11.
(Greenpeace, emphasis added). Ok, lets back off a bit, if 300 chemical plants take out 110 million, then one chemical plant would take out on average about 367,000 Americans.

That is cause for healthy fear, but there doesn't seem to be any remaining.


  1. Makes me wonder why the knuckleheads haven't proposed starting up the draft again, or at least making some kind of military service after high school or college mandatory. I know that's a tough nut to crack politically, but I'm sure it could be couched in terms that would make it salable, and once the system was in place, old fashioned corruption and political maneuvering could take place so that the princes and princesses of the elite could avoid or minimize their service, just as Bush and Cheney both did. Think about it, it would in one fell swoop largely fix the current unemployment problem and greatly expand MOMCOM's war/profit making capabilities. At the very least, the conscripts could take over DHS, which is largely a Government makework project anyway.

  2. disaffected,

    Good question about the draft.

    There is at least one bill in congress to do just that.

    One of their proverbs is "when you have the wool over their eyes, don't stick a pin in their side" ... sorta like "never change a winning game" ...