Monday, February 22, 2010

An Example of Democracy Shames U.S.

When the people rejected the wars, they voted the republicans out and became joyful. We were joyous because we thought that the Barak Obama campaign crew realized they had won in a rejection election, not in a personality contest.

Little did we know that the Obama campaign crew thought the personality of Obama carried the day.

They thought that personality would soothe the frustrations of the people over the economic military coup that was plundering the American people's Treasury under the Bush II regime.

However, when the victorious Obama campaign arrived in D.C. they were given a compass with a "W" on every point.

Soon they evidently forgot the electorate who had elected them, and set off in a "W" direction.

They betrayed the soul of the people, continued on in those elitist policies that were plundering the Treasury, finally morphing even more of our money into MOMCOM money.

That is not a democracy, it is a demockcrazy, because they mock us with sophistry.

In Holland that is not happening because they have at least a democracy or better.

When the people of Holland reject a war it also brings down the government like we did, however, they do not Dr. Jekyll and Hyde their people. Very much unlike US, they still have a system of accountability with a spirit of honesty toward the people:
Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said Sunday Dutch troops will begin leaving southern Afghanistan in August, since his caretaker government has no authority to accept a NATO request to stay on.

Speaking a day after his coalition government collapsed over the issue, Balkenende said the Netherlands will end its role in Uruzgan province, where 21 Dutch soldiers have been killed since the mission was first deployed in 2006.

"Our task as the lead nation ends in August this year," he said on Dutch television.

A marathon cabinet meeting that broke up before dawn Saturday ended with the walkout of the second largest party in the government, Labor, which accused the dominant Christian Democratic Alliance of reneging on a 2007 agreement to bring the troops home this year.
(Huffington Post). Wow, it made me nostalgic to remember the beautiful America I once lived in, which had a government of, by, and for the people.

No wonder everyone has now gone off to look for America, but those who have that "W" compass will never get there.


  1. NATO and the UN should both be dissolved in entirety ASAP as well, as they have both become mere tools for the US to exercise its influence over mostly unwilling nations. I don't know what our current dues status is, but I know last time it was in the press we were greatly in arrears to the UN as well, so its time to admit that we aren't really committed to it either. After Colin Powell's WMD presentation, I'm surprised they even let us in the door anyway.

    In the interests of truth in advertising, the US should just release a statement saying that we reserve the right to do what ever we damn well please, and the rest of you sissies (including liberal minded US citizens) can just go stuff it. That's effectively how we operate anyway.

  2. disaffected,

    I still favour the system of law composed of the I-beams of proper process, due process.

    Accountability to the people is the heart and soul of it, because it is due and payable in democracies; not so in our nation now because of the coup.

    It would be honest for the media to acknowledge it, but that level of honesty is gone from them now.

    When I hear republicans say that they want government small enough to drown in a bathtub, the "government" they are talking about does not include the military.

    That means when they "drown the 'government' in the bathtub", all that will be left is the military.

    That is their base and the government they want.