Saturday, February 27, 2010

Right Wing Media Goes 9/11 Rogue

Many have been critical of the U.S. main stream media (MSM) for being afraid to report, in an unbiased manner, on what is called by many "the Truther movement".

We posted about the world press not having the same opinion as the U.S. press.

They have been respectfully reporting on the Truther movement instead of trashing them as the MSM in the U.S. has done.

Now there may be a crack in the groupspeak or newsspeak here in the U.S., because The Washington Times, said to be right leaning, has reported on national 9/11 news releases.

Their reporting is unbiased, just the facts ma'am, standard journalism:
A lingering technical question about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks still haunts some, and it has political implications: How did 200,000 tons of steel disintegrate and drop in 11 seconds? A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center.

"In order to bring down this kind of mass in such a short period of time, the material must have been artificially, exploded outwards," says Richard Gage, a San Francisco architect and founder of the nonprofit Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.
(The Washington Times). There was a national press release by Truthers a few days back, and the Times is one, and maybe the only one, of the larger papers to cover it.

It is also reported that The Jersey Girls have come out in open support for the Architects.

They are the ones who lost loved ones on 9/11 then petitioned for a long time against the Bush II regime's resistance to doing any 9/11 Commission investigation in the first place.


  1. Agreed. There's something strange going on with the whole affair. The government won't dare let the case be reopened however, as if the truth is anywhere near as damning as it appears it could be, it would simply blow the lid off our whole democratic experiment.

    I'm sure the plotters realized and have capitalized fully on this fact as well, knowing full well that conspiracy theories are almost universally dismissed as the product of the insane.

    That same fact works to keep any alleged co-conspirators on the periphery in line as well, as in addition to any implied direct threat to their life, health, or liberty should they go public, they would also risk their professional reputation by being labeled as a crank.

    Me thinks that those who are so dismissive of the "Truther" movement doth protest WAY too much.

  2. disaffected,

    "it would simply blow the lid off our whole democratic experiment" ...

    That is it.

    It is one of those things like "your daddy has a girlfriend besides your mommy" which we cannot take without a collapse of our universe.

    I want like hell for the Truther movement to be wrong, but another part of me says "you must handle the truth", and therefore struggles the other way, back and forth.

    I can imagine jurors every day in courts across the nation having to struggle with their own psyche in some cases.

    They end up finding out that what the defendant is being accused of is so inhumane it is quite hard to believe.

    But they took the oath to do it ... so that inner struggle takes place.

  3. Look we have never been told the truth about JFK's assassination so the truth about this will probably never come out.

    Just imagine how horrible it would be to find out that our very own president and or vice president were responsible for the murder of over 3000 American's on American soil.

    If true that would be the biggest most horrific single day crime in the history of our country, if not the world. Just think of how many people were involved to pull this crime off and how many people have kept their mouths shut about it for all these years.

    It would take more than just a few co-conspirators to come forward and confess for this crime to be busted wide open. But if just a few would want to clear their conscience then maybe many others would follow suit in the hope that they could spare their families.

  4. Anonymous,

    True about JFK, except that the report by the Warren Commission as to the JFK assassination was determined to have been wrong.

    The follow-up was done in an investigation by congress:

    "The United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was established in 1976 to investigate the John F. Kennedy assassination ... The Committee investigated until 1978, and in 1979 issued its final report, concluding that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated ... probably as a result of a conspiracy. The members of this probable conspiracy were not identified ..."

    (Wikipedia). The world did not come to an end because of that follow up critique of the Warren Commission report.

    No reason there should not be a follow up to the 9/11 Commission report as well, to fix some of its obvious errors.

  5. The 9/11 Commission was a joke. A controlled kabuki dance because...well, they had to at least pretend to investigate.

    If 9/11 came as a complete surprise (and, 3 years later we found out that Bush blew off the 8/6/01 PDB and Condi was doing her damndest to keep Tenet and her anti-terrorist team stuffed), why wasn't Bush demanding a full and complete investigation with unlimited resources to get the truth? Nope...he slow-walked, underfunded, and stonewalled a public investigation....for years. He had his minders telling the chairmen what could and couldn't be investigated. He and Cheney met with the commission together (wonder why? keep their stories straight?), not under oath, with no written record. Amazing.

    Not only was Bush not surprised...neither was the Secret Service. Odd that, with the country under attack, the SS let Bush spend a 1/2 hour at that elementary school. Guess someone knew the totality of the "attack" didn't include crashing a plane in that building. And many of those hijackers, oddly enough, learned to fly at the airport in Venice, FL....a quick 10 minute fight away from Sarasota.

    A common criminal gets life for killing a man for the money in his pocket. When thousands die and trillions are transferred to fight a war against a country with no ties to 9/ one is held accountable. God Bless America.