Thursday, February 25, 2010

Katrina Karzai Conspiracy Theory

A police lieutenant has been charged with a conspiracy by a prosecuting attorney who believes in a conspiracy theory to cover up murder during Katrina.

The police lieutenant entered a guilty plea. So conspiracy theories are as serious as a heart attack still, and still as valid as apple pie and the flag.

Meanwhile a conspiracy theory a while back was directed at the president of Afghanistan, you know, the place we are bringing democracy, by going door to door and giving folks a big "hands up, welcome to democracy".

Some folks back home can't figure out why they are so nervous about our brand of democracy.

Anyway, Karzai was accused of conspiring to throw the last election, and everyone knows it was a conspiracy.

Obama scolded him and like Gilly on Saturday Night Live, he dutifully said "sorry" in a faint whisper.

Now he has taken over the Election Committee that accused him of the conspiracy and fraud, and has "solved the problem":
After his brazen bid to steal his re-election, Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, swore that he would do better — and the Obama administration swore it would ensure that he did. He hasn’t. It didn’t.

Mr. Karzai’s latest travesty: Issuing a presidential decree to take total control of the country’s electoral watchdog commission. Yes, that is the same commission that exposed widespread fraud in the 2009 vote.
(NY Times). There will be no more conspiracies now. Good, as long as there are no conspiracy theories, everything will be better.

Afghans will now benefit from democracy when we win their war.

Alice in Wonderland opens March 5th in theatres of war everywhere.

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  1. In Afghanistan, like Iraq, the cheat goes on. They have learned the ways of the west as the bushies wanted.