Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Two Faces of Sam

If there was ever a time I believed sincerely that national governments can suffer from toxins of power schizophrenia, the natural disaster in Haiti has convinced me even more than that.

The military media oil complex of Uncle Sam is showing human compassion and care by hastily setting up salvation shops in Haiti.

When I see our cargo ships, hospital ships, helicopters, and all manner of aid being brought to those in dire need in Haiti, done in haste at that, it warms my heart.

There can be no better way to show true Americanism to the nations of the world than that. Working with them for a humanitarian cause.

But then I remember when I see cargo ships, hospital ships, helicopters, and all manner of weapons being brought to those in dire fear in Afghanistan and Iraq, done in haste at that, it chills my heart.

I suppose one of the DNA patterns of toxins of power schizophrenia is revealed when the direction of the energy is considered.

If the heart of the government is going towards destruction, death, torture, and all manner of killing and maiming, one day, then going the opposite direction another day, it is a pattern of toxins of power schizophrenia.

If the dark side keeps this up, next the dark side will Hyde our money.


  1. I'll do this one in two parts...


    Granted the US military is capable of doing and actually does a lot of good in this world from time to time. Likewise, I don't doubt the motivations of a great majority of military members whatsoever. They're hardly getting rich at their chosen profession, and being a retired enlisted military member myself, I can tell you that the hours were long and arduous even in my time, and they've increased exponentially for most service members since then. The fact that many if not most of those reacting to Haiti are probably in the regular rotation for Iraq and Afghanistan as well should not be lost.

    That said, even I, died in the wool cynic that I am, was amazed at the immediate brazen response from some of the pundits on the right, stating that we should make forthcoming aid conditional on governmental reforms, as determined by the US Military Media Oil Complex (we've gotta standardize that term and come up with a suitable acronym) of course. In the long term, long after the immediate emergency has passed, but the long term infrastructure rebuilding remains, I have no doubt that such "means testing" will occur, whether the details ever make the news or not.

  2. Likewise, it’s already been (widely?) noted that the US presence has added a decidedly militaristic tone to the events unfolding on the ground. Perhaps a case of our well-earned reputation proceeding itself. Some amount of law and order capability is no doubt surely required, but appearances really do matter.

    Finally, from a religious and philosophical point of view, might this not be a test of our ability as those with the most, to do for those with the least (to act altruistically), even if there’s no economic profit in it for us, per Christ’s admonition? Funny, but you don’t hear evangelicals (who provide the lion’s share of support for the military) throw that idea around very often. Further, might this not be a test to determine the karmic response to our own future disasters; another hurricane, flood, or major earthquake? Food for thought.