Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes They Can!

Did the cavemen counter attack on the heels of the caveman policies of the failing Obama Administration?

It seems that the "George W. Obama" policies will continue, because they were warned, warned, and warned but remained know it alls throughout their first grade classes.

The Obama administration and Senate Democrats have committed to larger wars in Afghanistan, longer wars in Iraq, expanding wars around the globe, giving foreign nations infrastructure and job money, while being skimpy to the citizens at home.

All the while bringing coffee to the plunder barons on wall street, curtseying to the trinket wearing warmongers in Pentagonia, capital of Bullshitistan, and taking the voters for a ride in the wrong direction.

Their first question will probably be "why did people with good personality, good family, church going, and a good smile loose Ted Kennedy's seat"?

Which will show that they still don't get the point that Americans want the wars over, the neoCon fascism over, and will yearn for it in anger until it happens.

In the mean time, the voters of Massachusetts have been driven insane by the carelessness of their government, driven into a senseless rage.

In November we will see if the dazed dems can drive a large portion of the populace insane, loose the majorities, and return us to the Bush II daze.

Obama's reaction to the loss was to call the guy up and say he looked forward to working with him. Yes they can!

That will do in our reputation in the world. Kaput. Gone. Zero.


  1. Dredd,
    Good post. I wonder if it's possible for a sitting president to be lame duck after only one year? Obama seems on track to be exactly that, but I still don't think that he gets it. The blogosphere was positively lit up last night about the meaning of Coakley's loss for the Democratic "agenda," and even I was surprised at the amount of populist rage out there over Obama's perceived betrayal of his liberal base.

    Look's like 2010 is gonna be the year of "change we can believe in" after all, albeit not the change that most of us were expecting. I'd hate to see TRULY radical Republican majorities return (and make no mistake about it, future Republican administrations, especially in the wake of a spectacular meltdown by Obama and the dems, will make Bush/Cheney and the neocons look like a bunch of idle rich, prep school boys), but in the absence of a legitimate alternative, what're the options?

    Finally, Obama's failure could very well spell the end of the Democratic Party as a viable power, at least in presidential politics, which would virtually lock in a lot of very grim scenarios: war would become a permanent, open, and unapologetic growth industry; any pretense of addressing climate change would likely be off the table for good; and the continued consolidation of wealth and power to the financial and political elite would shift into overdrive. Should make for some very interesting times ahead if any of this comes to pass.

  2. disaffected,

    Well said.

    That is certainly the way it looks today.

    It is almost like it was planned this way.