Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Light And The Law

There are two groups who have opposing views on light and the law of the speed of light.

Check out an interesting piece where exceeding the speed of light by six times is not considered to be violating current physics, nor the speed limit of light.

Are we deft if we see the obvious contradiction in that, or are we just not mathematical enough?

In the post The Memes of Penrose, we show that super scientists like him say that our science has gone the way of fantasy in substantial degrees.

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  1. I agree with Leslie DeVries, who commented on your Memes of Penrose post.

    We might all do well to be reminded that since the amount of knowledge (or anything else for that matter) in the universe is infinite, at any given time the amount of knowledge that we still have to gain, from our finite perspective, no matter how advanced we might think our current understanding might be, is still INFINITE.

    Another way to look at it that is surely just mine - and rest assured I'm no advanced intelligence whatsoever - is: since the amount of knowledge available for comprehending the universe is infinite, the ways (theories, intellectual constructs, etc.) of explaining the universe must be infinite as well. As in, for all the amazing wonders that modern science has unearthed, imagine that there are possibly an INFINITE number of other ways that those same wonders could have been explained/unearthed, not to mention the INFINITE number of OTHER wonders that are still out there remaining to be uncovered.

    Whoo, getting out of my depth here. Time for another beer. Dredd, great blog.