Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Feet Here, 20 Feet There, Rise of H2O

The scientists are at it again, and I must admit that I am glad they are at it, however, what they are saying is a bit disturbing.

Especially if you live in a city with a robust and booming seaport.

Lets face it, they have done a good job on climate or weather prediction software, at least in the areas where I have been watching it work.

I mean, it is much better that the political prognostications and expectations of political parties as to who will win what election.

In almost every nation that has elections the body politic has screamed "fraudulent election" these past few years.

The weather software has done a better job, for example, in the area of tracking the direction a hurricane is likely to take, than political software has done to predict the outcome of elections.

Jabber the Whut and others in the "Me Like Me Take" political party have not been overly impressed with all this, choosing instead to focus on plunder.

But now there is a model for the ice sheets in Western Antarctica, and the ice is likely to break up, get to the ocean, whereupon the ocean would rise about 3.3 meters, or as we say here, about ten feet.

Iceland's ice sheet, which is rapidly melting too, could add 7 meters, or as we say here, 21 feet.

That is 31 feet folks on the coast!

The global warming watchers at NASA have stated that this past decade was the warmest in recorded history.

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  1. Hey Dredd,
    Well, plunder in a down economy is extremely good business, or so I've heard. What better time to take advantage of the defenseless than when they're, well, defenseless.

    On the plus side, many of the poor who are most defenseless against both (plunder and the effects of climate change) are ALSO(!) the most resistant to the lessons that science might have for them, and the resulting changes in their behavior such lessons might prompt.

    Hmm...the Jabber the Whut in me thinks this might imply ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY!

    Me Like Me Take INDEED!