Friday, November 6, 2009

Death vs Glorious Death vs Life

The fake journalists from the Pentagon (e.g. Col. Jack Jacobs of MSNBC) are out again proclaiming that "a political motive will come out as the reason" a Major in the Army gunned down soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas.

Never mind the psychologists or criminologists, the scores of suicide and other shootings at Fort Hood historically; never mind that psychologists are high in the death by suicide statistics; and never mind anything else.

The Pentagon needs to generate some fear so their campaign to continue to drain the federal treasury of money (that could be used to help Americans, yes drain the money from the people who need it to live) then use that treasury money to kill people in foreign lands.

They are presenting an argument for one kind of death vs another kind of death, so we can only hope it falls on ears that will not hear it.

The fake journalist version will boil down to a "discovery" that politics rather than insane criminal behaviour is at the bottom of this story. It is no more than a notice that they will repeat propaganda over and over again until they think we believe their version of the script.

The facts are that military suicides are up because the idiotic wars have gone on longer than World War I and World War II combined.

Each of those wars generated mental problems, so it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a war twice as long or longer will do even more than mental damage.

The suicidal state of mind problem is serious enough that the largest study in history has been commissioned by the military to study and to document the problem. The military's scientific statement on this state of affairs is:
This event speaks to the fact that we do not yet have the science or the clinical tools at our disposal to predict these kinds of violent acts. It is why your work here at the university is so important to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and to their families.
(USUHS, 11/09, emphasis added). As the right wing propaganda escalates into an exact and scientific or political reason the killings took place, then a criticism for not preventing this killing, remember the official position is that they do not know while the unofficial wingnut position is they do know.


  1. Yes, poor man was really addled by all that combat he experienced (in the office) and it led him to trying to convert other soldiers to Islam.

  2. Norma,

    It would be premature to determine the state of the Army Major Psychiatrist's mind.

    We know that too many of his fellow soldiers, perhaps some of his patients, and a high rate of psychiatrists become suicidal.

    One thing not to underestimate is the impact on a psychiatrist that the mental suffering, depression, and dementia of their patients have on them.

    You run a church blog so you probably know that the same impact occurs to ministers who hear the problems of parishioners so they become suicidal more often per capita than lay members do.

    So, to conclude he became instant evangelist in his religion then chose a criminally insane act as the means to bring about conversions to Islam is also premature.

    The simple obvious is more often the reality, so it appears he went criminally insane and turned on his own.

    That happens every day in our nation when we forget that war is our worst enemy.

  3. The soldiers acted like churchgoers did when a layman opened fire in a church.

    No one thought he was trying to convert people, they thought it was just a skit in a play.

    They became horrified once they realized it was real and their pastor was killed in front of their eyes by a criminally insane person.