Thursday, November 5, 2009

El Cid vs. Joe Six Pack - 3

The MSM (main stream media) is not following The United States of Europe in as serious a manner as it should be followed.

We should be monitoring the healing of our seriously damaged reputation in the world, furthermore we certainly should especially be doing so with regard to the new and united Europe.

The Joe Six Pack series shows us why that is so in one serious area of foreign relations - international criminal law.

On that score, one criminal case is ongoing in one of The United States of Europe, while another case has already resulted in the criminal conviction of 23 Americans.

Since the Obama Administration is continuing the policies that at least two European nations so far deem criminal, this is likely to further strain foreign relations at a time when we do not need any more strain on those relations.

MSNBC covered it on Morning Joe, Jonathan Turley, and Newsweek covered it, so it may be getting around. Still, only Turley is giving it the gravity it should be given.

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