Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elections Followed The Status Quo

In Virginia and New Jersey the voters did what they have done in each gubernatorial election following a presidential election for several decades now.

It has become routine for those two states to vote out the candidate from the party of the current president, thus to vote in the opposing party's candidate.

In this case the opposing party was the Republican Party, so today there are two new GOP governors.

I look at these gubernatorial results for indications that the Democratic Party is capable of revolutionary change, change we sorely need and can believe in.

Since they could not change the gubernatorial election status quo, have not changed the economic status quo nor the war status quo, I will conclude that the democrats are not the party that can do revolutionary change in foreign relations, economy, or health care.

The Democrats are a status quo party, while the Republicans are the current revolutionary party.

But the revolution the republicans want is destructive to life, limb and economy, as we saw in the republican Bush II years of debacle after debacle.

The New York district 23 race for the House (where neoCons Pawlenty and Palin put forth their revolutionary candidate) upheld the status quo too. I mean the status quo of the last election, where the revolutionary ideology of the conservative republicans was soundly rejected. A democrat won the 23rd district seat which had been held by republicans for decades.

Thus, the only hope for a progressive revolution, from the stand point of countering the Republican's ongoing destructive revolution, or from the standpoint of rejecting the status quo, is the Independent party or parties; those who are neither Republican nor Democrat.

The New York 23rd district House race is positive in that sense, because the voters rejected the republican neoCon revolutionary ideology, having to stick with the status quo party because the independents had no viable candidate.

This election should be seen as a good sign for independents who do not accept the status quo and who want a positive progressive revolution.

But those independents have to find a way to advance good candidates before they can step through the open door.

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