Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Orally Tainted Birther

It "borders on the delusional" is what the Federal Judge said of "birther" wonder woman Orly Taitz, the neoCon Sarah Palin wannabe of the moment, who the judge fined $20,000 dollars for Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck type orations.

The orally tainted neoCon had sued because she said Obama was not an American citizen and the court was a puppet of the Obama worshippers.

Eat your heart out Joe the Plumber, you are a delusional piker by comparison!

The federal judge who ordered the sanction is located down in the delusional state of affairs, the state of Georgia, so I was surprised he did not agree with the nonsense.

I won't bore you with a list of the delusional politicians who have come from that state like Zell Miller, nor of the bright ones like Jimmy Carter that also hail from Georgia.

There used to be such a state of Georgia in the Soviet Union where Orly hails from. Was she just geographically challenged?

Who knows why the garbage has floated to the top but it has. Garbage first, country last is the real mantra of the brain dead ghoul neoCons.

The neoCons who make the republican party stink like a dead elephant carcase deep within the climate-change-destroyed-deserts.

The deserts of the drought stricken planet that by now is addicted to the military oil media complex, composed primarily of the death worshippers.

Judge, it does not just "border on the delusional", it is delusional and about as delusional as social dementia gets for a professional lawyer.

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  1. A fellow posting as "anonymous" from Saint Cloud, MN, today, wrote a folly of a comment to "Judge Clay".

    Our rules require that we not suffer fools lightly, so the comment was rejected because the comment indicated that the judge was going to hell because he sanctioned the wayward lawyer.

    Even saints from the clouds are not given leave to comment foolishly beyond the pale here. Its a sanity thing.

    FYI, another federal judge smacked down Orly Taitz who has "gone rogue" and who will not be a lawyer much longer.