Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extinction Is Not For Everyone

With the likes of Rush "I Agree With The Taliban" Limbaugh, who "hopes Obama fails" and who agrees with Iran like the fake progressives do; and with the likes of the Cheney family of torture; you would think the GOP has determined to go extinct.

Like the know-nothing party did way back in the pages of hysterical history.

But moderate republicans are trying to swim to the surface to get media time, so they may preserve the GOP.

Perhaps the neoCon controlled media will get shamed into some air time for moderate republicans?

If not, the democratic party is doomed. I say that because they are not the type of party to think originally. They only react, so the neoCons will take them down to new lows unheard of in modern political debauchery.

Is there any hope in history for a comeback for the GOP, all the way from "extinction" or worse? Well sure ...

The Banggai Crow, the Sumatran ground cuckoo, the Carrikeri harlequin frog, and Beck's Petrel have mythically not become extinct after having been declared so.

Political science is an art, so stay tuned to the blogs and eschew the neoCon MSM.

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