Friday, October 16, 2009

Obamaspeak The Whitehouse Tongue

As if the all time housing crisis was not enough!

The President degenerated into Obamaspeak in New Orleans where he made no excuses for the lack of care of the poor and needy there who still have not been helped back to normalcy.

He did not mention the banks and foreign nations who got billions and trillions of taxpayer money.

He simply said the constitution would not let him write a check, then hurried off to fund raisers where couples paid $34,000 dollars to listen to him pump them up.

A little boy asked him why people hate him when "God is love", causing Obama to embrace him and say "that's what I am talking about".

No it isn't Mr. President, Americans are defined by what we do for the least among us, not what we do for the filthy rich among us.

Dig it.

The government structure we currently have is a failure. It is controlled by the plunder barons, plain and simple.

They will continue to lie and deceive to try to hold on to power, as if we can not see through it like Saran wrap.

Sicko for sure.

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