Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Polls Upward

We reported almost two months ago that President Obama was polling downward fast, and this blog in that post calculated that it was because he or his advisers had forgotten why he was elected.

The reason he was elected was, in the main, due to a rejection of all things Bush II we said.

Does the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded indicate that he is shifting policy more in tune with the voters who rejected bushiedom?

Perhaps not alone, but taken along with the polls that show the Nobel Committee is saying what the polls are also now saying may prove the case.

The case is that President Obama is now polling upward in many places. The tide is changing in his favour again. Notice some poll results:
Gallup (56%)

CBS (56%)

Ipsos/McClatchy (56%)

Associated Press / GfK (56%)
(October 1-10). Why is the MSM (mainstream media) not saying this, and instead holding to the news of two months ago?

It is because they are corrupted by the military oil media complex that suffers from the propaganda disease, a form of social dementia.

Plain and simple.

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