Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magnitricity Is Not Bipartisanship

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How many times have I said "buy textbook stocks" because the inked words they are putting in them do not last long, so there will be reprints and that means profit for the textbook publishing companies?

You know, planned obsolescence.

Well it has happened again and we may even be getting closer to understanding the magnetic personality:
The findings could lead to a reassessment of current magnetism theories, as well as significant technological advances.

The research, published in Nature, proves the existence of atom-sized ‘magnetic charges’ that behave and interact just like more familiar electric charges. It also demonstrates a perfect symmetry between electricity and magnetism – a phenomenon dubbed ‘magnetricity’ by the authors from the LCN and the Science and Technology Facility Council’s ISIS Neutron and Muon Source.
(Science Daily, emphasis added). A similar discovery about electrical current was made recently, however, it concerned "persistent current", which used to fit into the perpetual motion machine department of scientific mythology.

Meanwhile, the Arctic sea ice is going to become water during the summers, possibly flooding a river near you.

New textbooks are needed there as well, to replace the textbooks which say the ice is always 18 feet thick, even in summer.

And the entire concept of the solar system is now to be relegated to "old-timey flat earth collections" of textbooks at the freak book museum:
"These images have revolutionized what we thought we knew for the past 50 years; the sun travels through the galaxy not like a comet but more like a big, round bubble," said Stamatios Krimigis of the Applied Physics Lab, in Laurel, Md., principal investigator for Cassini's Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument which carries the Ion and Neutral Camera. "It's amazing how a single new observation can change an entire concept that most scientists had taken as true for nearly fifty years."
(NASA JPL, emphasis added). The high and mighty robe wearers who have used textbooks to teach falsehoods, battled other colleagues, causing some to lose jobs, tenure, or respect because they had different ideas, and all this is "amazing"?

No, it is not amazing, it is pathetic because science is part of the survival of the human species, but these selfish elite just do not grasp that.

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