Saturday, August 15, 2009

We Non-Things Live Here Too

A couple set their camera to take a photo of them alone beside the lake.

A friendly local came by to join in and seemed to say "hey don't forget us, we live here on this planet too".

Scientists have discovered an automatic analysis system within the human brain that automatically does an analysis to determine if an object is animate or inanimate, that is, alive or not alive.

Those scientists still do not know the reasons this happens:
For unknown reasons, the human brain distinctly separates the handling of images of living things from images of non-living things, processing each image type in a different area of the brain. For years, many scientists have assumed the brain segregated visual information in this manner to optimize processing the images themselves, but new research shows that even in people who have been blind since birth the brain still separates the concepts of living and non-living objects.
(Science Daily). The lesson seems to be that a mysterious natural ability teaches the important distinction we should keep in mind.

Tenet Four of Ecocosmology would have us give special treatment to all living species so as to learn from them so we can continue the existence of the human species indefinitely.

There are quirky, funny, and amazing abilities in the species around us, including activities we can't even come close to doing.

Our efforts toward co-existing with our environment will certainly be rewarded and will be worth more in the long run than quickie and momentary "profits".

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