Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GOP Demands The Right To Be Rude

The GOP is investing millions of dollars into the right, yes the right to be rude.

At town hall meetings of democrats around the country, where people are attempting to explain or to find out the current text and meaning of health care reform bills, the GOP is asserting that they have a right to be rude.

They think America is composed of the right to take firearms to public gatherings and yell loud and disrupt the public discourse by being rude, chanting some scripted mantra published by right wing opinion makers.

That is the way they ran the government when they were in power and we all know where that got us.

The world sees us as uncouth, barbaric cowboys while endless stupid wars rage, and endless recessions and depressions gut "the American dream".

The GOP solution is to be rude, stay rude, and be proud of it.


  1. But much like how the GOP views many rights, they think they have exclusive ownership of the right to be rude and no one else can be rude to them. We see it from them all the time. When you treat right-wingers the same way they treat others you get this "How dare you!" attitude. It's as if they believe that freedom of speech means you're only free to agree with them.

  2. They aren't just being rude,


    They are DENYING the first amendment right of free speech to those they disagree with.

    That is what the teabaggin' shout down the town halls is really about.

    Since they lost the last two national elections, they are willing to use tactics similar to what was used in Germany in the late 1920's and early 1930's to deny a true democratic process is followed because they know they lose then.