Monday, August 10, 2009

Accountability Is a Four Letter Word

As you know, if you read this blog often, accountability to this administration thus far has been a four letter word "nope", not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent.

My ballot had Obama on it because I voted to reject the Bush II ideology, and Obama seemed to do so to during the election.

Since then, he has embraced much of the things the voters rejected, and thus he is being rejected by those who voted for him in at least that degree, even as we continue to reject Bush II policies as set forth by neoCon conservatives and the Obama Administration.

A mellow and fair minded law professor who appears on the nightly news shows frequently is fed up with the fascist tendencies of this Department of Justice and the broader administration as I am, and takes off the kid gloves.

Accountability is an integral part of government ethics and without it a government is unethical.


  1. My ballot had Obama on it because I voted to reject the Bush II ideology, and Obama seemed to do so to during the election.

    So Obama's FISA vote wasn't a tip off for you? Sorry, but I'm always stunned at folks who say they didn't see Bush III coming.

  2. FISA came into existence in 1978. A single vote even when it is a mistake, like a Justice on the Supreme Court, will not tell the whole story.

    My ballot had Obama on it but it was a rejection vote, not a vote embracing every mistake Obama has or will make. He was clearly a better candidate than the alternative.

    If you have a perfect candidate, or two, name them and I will vote for them.

    If you don't have a perfect candidate then your argument must be "my candidate made fewer mistakes", but your argument can't be "my candidate is perfect".

    Names please.

  3. True no candidate is perfect. John McCain, not perfect but not Bush III. Cynthia McKinney, not perfect but not Bush III. Ralph Nader, not perfect but not Bush III. I only wonder why someone who claims to dislike Bush policies did not see Obama coming a mile away. His FISA vote should have been a huge warning sign to anyone who claims to care about "fascist tendencies."

    Sorry, but I have little sympathy for self-described liberals who voted for Obama and are only now waking up to the fact that he's a corporate tool.

  4. If you look at all the congress members, House and Senate, who have voted for FISA since 1978, it is clear that Obama is not Bush III either.

    I did not ask for your sympathy, nor am I a self-described liberal.

    Bias is prejudging someone before they have had a chance to perform.

    The complaining is not whining, instead it is warning.

    When one speaks out and complains that is fair warning giving the politician a chance to reconsider.

    Being habitually fair is a good thing.

    Being habitually rude is not.

    I will vote for Obama again if he is still the best choice at that time.

    You did not provide the name of who you voted for up there in Virginia. Why not?

    Like I said "at that time (future)"; like a jury verdict, first you hear the whole case, then you vote.

    The other way around is rude and obvious bias.