Monday, August 10, 2009

Iran Dances To North Korea's Drums

Neocon warmongers in the U.S. and Israel will be glad to know that there are news reports that Iran has executed lawyers representing those who protested the fraudulent elections there a short while back.

Progressives who were fooled by the Iranian propaganda about all this will dig deeper into their own denial, and think warm and fuzzy thoughts about Iran's despots who seem to want to follow the model of North Korea.

Those who see this in real time will realize that it is a setback for the good future the sane people of that region, like sane people everywhere, hope for.

The governments of Iran and Israel are like the past U.S. regime, hard liner warmongers, and they are bound and determined to bring destruction, death, and that whole garbage can of inhumane events to fruition.

Thankfully the U.S. warmongers were voted out in substantial part, and so cooler heads will prevail here so that we do not start a war with Iran.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether cooler heads here can influence the war mongers in Iran and Israel to start taking their medications again.

UPDATE: In a possible twist in the story, the government is blaming the jailer for many torture deaths including the lawyers.

Evidently the Iranian jailer is an official, so they are going for higher ups while the U.S. Attorney general is going to cover up for officials who did torture here, and only go after "the peons".

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