Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bart Simpson Does Homeland Security

On today's Morning Joe, MSNBC, Joe Scarborough asked some major questions, then took the conclusions in the wrong direction.

But at least he did ask the questions the MSM is usually too afraid or too ignorant to ask, even though they are obvious questions.

Joe asked "why does the TSA (body cavity searchers at airports) make such a big deal of mistrusting Americans, but at the same time, allow small aircraft which can carry large quantities of explosives, to fly anywhere up and down the Hudson River into New York City without any control?" (paraphrased)

What prompted that very good question in the first place was the helicopter / aircraft collision that killed 9 people this week in New York as the parts of the aircraft fell into the Hudson River.

The basic law of the air there, or the law of the jungle, is that no flight plans have to be filed, everyone is on their own, in short you just look out for other aircraft and try to miss them.

There isn't even a yellow strip down the middle of the road or any signs like there are on highways. And when it is foggy? Never mind.

Anyway, Joe was wondering why there is such a fuss to body search American citizens who are flying from one U.S. city to another, when anyone could rent a small plane and fill it with WMD and fly into New York without even filing a flight plan, being searched, or even asked for a passport?

It is a good question that has been asked here on this blog, but the answer is one not likely to be taken up: there is no substantial threat or we would have already been toast.

And when our own health care system kills about 450,000 of us each year, maims a million more, and it is slated to bankrupt the nation in the not-too-distant future, why would a terrorist bother?

Terrorists could do more damage by trying to keep the health care system as it is, by encouraging more people to be harmed by it by increasing those insured without improving it, encouraging the eating of fat food, the smoking of cigarettes, taking our mind off the fact our energy is going to go away, and the continued pollution of our air and water.

They could just keep those lobbyists busy and forget the drama queen theatrics the bushie neoCons were all hyped up over all those years.

Morning Joe concluded that we need more Homeland Security, since we really don't have any, but went the wrong direction as his brethren conservatives did when they created the huge bureaucracy to bring pork to the porkers.

No, we need Homeland Sanity in place of the current Homeland Dementia infecting the public debate and public cognition.

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