Monday, July 27, 2009

Watchdog Groups Need To Standardize

Watchdog groups abound, according to a wikipedia list of watchdog groups.

They watch everything that is going on in Washington politics, from campaign finances to congressional trips abroad.

They rate politicians from clean to corrupt to the top ten most corrupt.

But there is no standard, it is ad hoc, one group evaluating one way while another group uses a completely different standard.

Thus, it is difficult to compare the findings of these various groups, somewhat like poll variations, because there is no standard to which they all conform.

They make up their own separate and different standards, often on the fly.

This will not do.

If we evaluated hurricanes and earthquakes that way one group's bad could be another group's good, and no one would really know when to take cover.

A mathematical standard formula for evaluation has been set forth on this blog for calculating the toxins within power, neutralizing those toxins, and calculating how it is all working out on various politicians.

Various constants are set forth, and many more can be set forth for use in the mathematical formulas.

When perfected it will be like an earthquake scale where everyone knows what you are talking about when you say it was a 5.2 earthquake, or when you say a category 3 hurricane.

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