Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snake Your Booty

The beauty or the booty of Sarah Palin had the right wing of the GOP all mavericky at last year's convention.

The storm of sex scandals from C Street in D.C., to Minnesota public urinals, to the "Appalachian Love Trail" in Argentina, to the Vice Presidential candidate's children having children out of wedlock, have all been booty full too.

My take on this is that the neoCon element which infested the GOP a decade or so ago, which has a doctrine of interpreting any and all data or facts to conform to preconceived ideology, heard the song "shake your booty" and misinterpreted it to be "snake your booty".

Since then they have been getting all snaky and mavericky with their booty, which is alarming to the family values people (at least those who really are family people with family values), who don't even shake their booty, much less snake their booty.

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