Thursday, July 30, 2009

DJDI Goes To Washington

"Da Joos Did It" (DJDI) is an infamous fake progressive movement that is fundamental, religious, and racist in nature.

They are in daily denial of that of course, claiming to be progressive while spouting racist hatred against Jews and minorities.

The DJDI will not like a turn of events in the AIPAC spy case that even pulled in Jane Harman for a brief excursion. It now has a new twist:
Franklin said the FBI first pressed him about working undercover in an investigation into alleged Israeli spying in the United States in May 2004, after he had become a subject of investigation into whether he provided sensitive information to reporters at CBS News on Iraqi exile leader Ahmed Chalabi's relations with Iran.

He said his FBI handlers convinced him that AIPAC analysts Steven Rosen and Mr. Weissman were "bad people" and that the agency needed his help in making a criminal case against the pro-Israel lobby officials. The two AIPAC officials were eventually indicted, but this spring -- after years of legal wrangling -- the government reversed course and dropped all charges against them.
(Washington Times). It appears that Franklin outed Chalabi as an "American killer" which outraged Cheney and crew who wanted to use Chalabi as a source who would say Iraq "had millions of WMD" so they could invade Iraq.

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