Friday, July 31, 2009

Crucial Vote on Single Payer Healthcare

This came in an email to Dredd:

One week ago, we eagerly anticipated a crucial vote on single-payer Medicare for All (H.R.676) in the House Energy & Commerce Committee, sponsored by Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY). But then seven BlueDogs waged a highly-publicized war against a "robust public option" and the vote was delayed for a full week.

We just learned the vote will be tomorrow ( Friday ). Based on all of your calls, we have nine single-payer Democrats: Tammy Baldwin, Michael Doyle, Eliot Engel, Anna Eshoo, Gene Green, Edward Markey, Janice Schakowsky, Anthony Weiner, and Peter Welch.

Five more Democrats are leaning single-payer but still uncommitted. Please call each one and give them one crucial reason to support single-payer from our petition: [LINK] (Be sure to sign our petition and forward it if you haven't already.)

Be concise and practice in advance so you can speak quickly (or leave a voicemail) because they are getting swamped. Report the results of your calls here ...
(Democrats). The public option seems like a no-brainer, however, many are surprised that the public option is a hot button of controversy to some. The "some" are the plunder barons in the shadows.

It would be a surprise in a democracy where the will of the people was relevant, however, the rogue government in Washington, D.C. does not care that much what "the ignorant folk at home" think, so what is good for the people is not necessarily good for the government.

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