Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buy Stock In Textbook Companies!

The only thing more dangerous to scientific textbooks than right wing book burning tea parties these daze, seems to be scientific discovery.

The old evolutionary notion that animal life sprang from the oceans is being challenged.

Oh, be still my heart:
Conventional wisdom has it that animal evolution began in the ocean, with animal life adapting much later in Earth history to terrestrial environments.

Now a UC Riverside-led team of researchers studying ancient rock samples in South China has found that the first animal fossils in the paleontological record are preserved in ancient lake deposits, not marine sediments as commonly assumed.
(Science Daily). Those poor college kids like myself who stayed up into the night burning the candle at both ends, getting intelligent, getting in the know, becoming an intellectual through hour after hour of study, will be let down.

One day's knowledge is the next day's wrong answer, and that could be frustrating to up and coming young minds.

Unless perhaps, they own some stock in textbook companies which, through obsolescence planned or not, have to keep the presses running 24/7 to keep up.

It is like printing money over at treasury to keep up with the plunder barons, or like following Sarah Palin around to record her poetic "goodbye, I am staying the course" speeches, for heaven sake.

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