Friday, July 31, 2009

This Is Your Brain On Propaganda

It is little known to the main stream media that they are not liberal, that they are not free, that they are in fact scripted.

But little of the script which can be easily seen comes from Big Brother.

Most of the script that can be easily seen comes from the inside soul of those who aspire to be free press journalists and those who just want to make up the news.

There is a sense of pride, of patriotism, of evangelism in the main stream media today, which is driven like the failing disaster called health care, by the profit motive.

So very much like the Ferengi, they labor under the decidedly false notion that everything must have a profit motive to be really pure.

"I made a good profit on Mrs. McNulty's kidneys" is no different than "we really got some good profit from that story the Pentagon gave us the exclusive on".

Any questions?

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1 comment:

  1. I've been waiting for such a Blog title for years.........

    (I want to have T-shirts made with just such a theme, the three states of the mind: your brain, your brain on drugs, your brain on propaganda, the last featuring a swarm of flies and decomposing grey matter.)

    Well done, Earthling