Friday, July 17, 2009

Cornyn Sessions About "Thuh Lahw" - 3

The paranoia of the neoCon element has exposed itself in the fear of foreigners mantra, as has been shown in previous posts.

In our law a "foreign corporation" means a corporation from another state of the United States; which is not a derogatory term it is merely a descriptive form.

The law that a foreign corporation imposes upon itself, its "bylaws", can govern it within a new state if it registers in that new state and its foreign bylaws are not illegal in that new state.

An "alien corporation" is a corporation incorporated in another country outside of the United States.

This illustrates that neoCon paranoia about "foreign law" has not prevailed in our great nation in the past, and it certainly should not now.

The neoCons Cornyn and Sessons are the type that yell "get off my lawn kid" and the type to keep their window blinds pulled shut and mistrust all their neighbours whom they think are out to do them harm.

They are phoney; when the Bush II regime wanted to really, really give foreign nations sway in the United States by letting a Taliban supporting Dubai take over ports and military hardware producers, they did their rubber stamp mantra.

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