Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Ultimate Penalty For Deceit

I thought I was listening to an extremist radical while I tuned in to "Morning Joe on MSNBC" this morning.

The person I suspected of being an extremist radical said that the United States is heading for a cliff, that he can see 100% of the Gross National Product (GNP) being used to pay the national debt in the near enough future.

He also said that no budget takes this death of the economy of the United States into account.

As it ends up, he is not an extremist radical even though his words were, he is the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee.

We have not been merely kidding ourselves as a nation since the last budget surplus at the end of the last century (1999), instead, we entered the 21st Century deceiving ourselves into thinking that our choice of wars, since it was good for the military oil complex, was good for the United States.

The reality, however, is more like as goes California so goes the nation.

California is struggling against bankruptcy as the military oil complex counts my money and your money which it has plundered from us.

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