Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Voodoo Interrogations - Torture

Bush I brought us the slogan "voodoo economics" and his protégé Bush II brought us the actual voodoo economics we still suffer from.

Bush II also brought us voodoo interrogations which we also still suffer from.

These voodoo interrogations, which in street English are called "torture", are slated at this time to become advocated politically and a plank in the GOP election platform.

These people think that you can put anyone on the water board and torture information out of them which information they do not have. It really is a belief in voodoo magic. Lets call it slack magic.

If people do not have information they cannot give it, no matter how many of their arms and legs Agent Orange tears off.

They will scream out information and it will be "useful", because it can be "used"; can be put in a bureaucratic file somewhere entitled "what does it mean Alfie", but it is not factual.

Come to think of it, facts never were that big of a deal in the "catapult the propaganda" Bush II regime.

Perhaps their next election sound byte to accompany their new torture plank will be "votes don't matter, principles do".

You can bet that the next election cycle textbook will have a chapter "How not to be a viable political party in the United States".

I hear that there is a GOP game to replace monopoly which they call "Panoply" which will replace "Water Works" with "Torture Works".

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