Monday, May 11, 2009

Mourning DOH! & The Eye In The Sky

Can one be an effective journalist while mourning about not having seen the two past election whippings coming, not seeing the minds and hearts of the American people he claims to inform, and not seeing past the mental barrier located at the tip of his nose?

DOH! is a word Homer Simpson has the sense to say, but Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Morning Joe has not attained to that level of enlightenment.

Today he is, instead, psychotic about Dick Cheney, who is also psychotic about Dick Cheney.

Dick and Joe have been wrong about the past two revolutionary elections, and every issue those two elections turned on. And they wallow in that wrongness.

It is a spectacle I tend to look in on, every day or two, because dinosaur cognition is fascinating to me. How they think, reason, and conclude (never in that order) is amazing.

Like watching a horse walk backwards. I tend to imagine that the rush I get from it is like the java rush a clinical psychologist gets when he comes across a textbook case.

To Joe Joe, an eye in the sky is one of them thar flying choppers doing carnage somewhere, to "purtek" the 20% of Americans they hope to continue to influence in a wrong headed direction.

On the other hand, eye in the sky to others who call themselves journalists, is keeping an eye on what is really a grave danger to us, the Sun.

When we design our GPS, power grid, energy of choice, and other national security related systems as if the greatest danger to us was some cavemen in the mountains somewhere, we are the supreme DOH!

The master DOH! wasting dough and rewarding the ideologically blind as if they were the headlights.

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