Friday, May 15, 2009

R.I.P. Rubber Stamp Congress

Once upon a time, there was a rubber stamp congress which failed the American people again and again.

That infamous and spineless body would not stand up as the U.S. Constitution required of them:
"Congressional Republicans have become little more than rubber stamps for their twice-indicted leader, Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas)," Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) said November 3, 2005, in The Hill. "By blindly following DeLay and President Bush, these members of Congress are complicit in the flawed stewardship of this nation. Republicans in Congress are putting their rubber-stamp approach to politics ahead of the priorities of the people they represent. Meanwhile, the American people are crying out for relief."
(Source Watch). Once upon a time there were two elections after the congress became a rubber stamp, and the rubber necks were removed by the irate voters who found the congress to be disgusting.

I like the way Nancy Pelosi wants to stand up to the crooked CIA and resist the tendencies of Barack Obama to break his word and his faith with the voters.

Obama is being seen more and more as a phony who either lied to the American voters or who is becoming corrupt faster than usual. Stop it Mr. President.

Now we the people demand that the congress stand up to the democratic president Barack Obama; do your job. Help keep him safe, sound, and sane by standing up to him face to face.

Stand up to the Bush Sicks as well. End the friggin' wars already and close Guantanamo, as we voted that you should.

DO NOT become a rubber stamp or there will be another "Once upon a time" post on this blog telling about how both the democratic and republican sham political hack parties faded into the sewer of infamy.

The title of the post will be "Good Riddance".

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