Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Resurrected Department Of Just Us

Obama was criticized for overpowering the Attorney General's Office.

Thereafter Obama finally got it, for a fresh and good change, and decided to let Eric Holder do the Attorney General's job. Good.

That happened once Obama heard the outcry when he said "no prosecutions" of certain people for certain activity.

Obama began to back off and realize that the Department of Justice belongs to the people, not to the president. Another good.

After that, the Attorney General was criticized to the extent he was overpowering the people and failing to realize the office of the grand jury and the criminal petite jury under our U.S. Constitution.

Now it has been reported that the Bush II Department of Just Us has been resurrected and a report that the Bush II regime had been working on for 5 years will become the gospel of the kingdom.

Will it be reported that Attorney General Eric Holder has decided not to prosecute those who participated in the torture and conspiracy to torture in violation of clear United States laws?

Without letting a grand jury and a criminal petite jury of the people have any say in it?

I hope that rumor of such a report is wrong because it would signal the final daze of an empire that once had a more humane heart that now seems to have frozen stone cold.

A people's report has been released which ups the ante.

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