Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bush II Eradicated The Robber Barons

"... and men plunder"
Modern U.S. History has a chapter concerning the Robber Barons.

Briefly, this is the gist of it:
Robber baron is a term that revived in the 19th century in the United States as a reference to businessmen and bankers who dominated their respective industries and amassed huge personal fortunes, typically as a direct result of pursuing various anti-competitive or unfair business practices. The term may now be used in relation to any businessman or banker who is perceived to have used questionable business practices or scams in order to become powerful or wealthy (placing them in power of everything having controlled most business affairs.)
(Robber Barons). How did the bushies remove the boogie man from under your bed, since that description sounds strangely like the banksters of recent "bailout" infamy?

How did they do that you may be asking? The answer is that they did it using what they think is the "Christian way".

The very Bible they profess to follow says: "... because law brings wrath. Where there is no law, there is no transgression of the law" (Romans 4:15). Now ask yourself, "what good robber baron wants 'wrath' for doing what comes naturally"?

So, when the bushies heard the preacher in church quoting Romans 4:15 their eyes twinkled so brightly folks in the pews around them thought that a meteorite was passing overhead.

It was like the conversion of the Apostle Paul, only in reverse. It was an epiphany of the sort that changes a nation from one age into another age.

They removed the law, which made taking money from the public trough in certain ways, robbery. Thus, no robbery law, no transgression of the law bringing wrath, and thus no more robber barons.

The U.S. then entered the age of the Plunder Barons, who after gorging themselves under Bush II and the republican controlled congress, are seeing if they can corrupt the new blood recently elected.

Yes, they are seeing if they can corrupt the newbies into the same ideology, so that the Age of Plunder can continue from election to election.

Now that kind of highway and other robbery no longer exist as crimes in our nation, evidently, just like torture really doesn't exist if they praise Allah while having their ahem reshaped. Your tax future is being reshaped, so praise the Lordy.

It boils down to official federal plunder, whether that plunder is a reaction to a prior regime's plunder or whether it is a newbie's own plunder.

Add state plunder, foreign government plunder, and private plunder, and we have the Age of Plunder.

Some plunderers are going to jail because they did not read the official memos that explain how to do it properly, like the memos that got the torture gang off.

In this New Age of Plunder the phrase "power to the people" has now morphed into "plunder to the people", as the diet has gone from brain food to drive through McNow Chow.

CNBC offers its solution for a free market America by urging us to buy stock in fat-to-thin plunder schemes, delusional thinking schemes, and dream on about your Saviour schemes.

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