Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Old Post Creates A New Slate

The Washington Post is the oldest newspaper in DC, but it is still around.

Still around at a time when many newspapers are in financial trouble, as are many of the individuals and businesses those papers serve.

One of The Post's journalists, Gene Robinson recently won a Pulitzer.

And The Post was even able to purchase Slate Magazine from Microsoft.

Slate Magazine, then, has a reputable genealogy one could say.

But some of Slate's readers became a bit concerned when Slate covered the fact that a certain actor appearing in a TV movie or series about 9/11 was a "9/11 truther".

Some of you Dredd Blog readers no doubt became a bit concerned when the story of a 9/11 truther's letter to the FBI and the FBI's response was posted here.

Relax, please, we do not ask you to believe or not to believe blog posts, we just put them out there for you to read if you choose to.

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  1. A world renowned chemical journal (The Open Chemical Physics Journal) has published a forensic study of WTC dust and found highly exotic nano-technology explosive residue (including thermite):